3 Tips To Help Determine The Best ERP Software For Your Company

Many companies are choosing Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software solutions to streamline their processes, improve productivity and increase profitability.

There are a large number of ERP software systems in the marketplace today, so how do you choose the right software for your company?

3 Tips To Help Determine The Best ERP Software For Your Company

1. Hire An ERP Consultant For Their Industry ERP SoftwareExperience

My first piece of advice is to hire a consultant. When first learning about ERP software, it will be difficult to understand what vendors are trying to sell you. A knowledgeable ERP consultant can help you find the right ERP software for you.

Be sure the consultant you hire has experience working with companies in your industry, as well as of your size to ensure they are able to understand your needs and figure out a solution for your company.

2. Identify Your Company’s Needs

But how can the consultant understand your company’s needs if you don’t?

Put together a small working group or task force to help rank the needs of your company. Do you need industry specific ERP software, or something more generic? Depending on your industry or operation, you may need add-on functionality beyond the core functionality of an ERP solution.

Create a list of your most necessary ERP software needs first, then create a list of needs it would be nice to meet. Ensure upper management agrees with the list, as these specifications should be used in your request for proposal and in upcoming discussions with ERP vendors.

3. Deeply Investigate Different ERP Software Systems

You hired a consultant to help you investigate the different ERP systems, so definitely do that. Have the consultant outline the different system’s strengths and weaknesses for you, so you can better understand how a particular system will work with your manufacturing and business needs.